Anchoring methods to enhance your cruising experience

120 Minutes English Unlimited Access


As you prepare to sail beyond local harbors, anchoring becomes a cruising essential. Anchoring techniques vary due to the local conditions you are facing. Wind direction, sea floor, crowds, and much more, all play a role in what to consider while anchoring. This class will give you the essential anchoring skills to be able to safely and confidently anchor in various parts of the world.

Anchoring is one of the most vital aspects of cruising. Confidence in your ground tackle and how you set the hook not only provides you a better nights sleep, but can also prevent you from the consequences of not anchoring properly. Whether you’re a weekend cruiser or setting off on a bigger adventure, having these anchoring skills in your repertoire will significantly boost your ability to sail safely in all regions of the world.

In this class, John will cover a wide variety of topics to help you better prepare for next time you set the hook.

List of Topics:

  • Anchoring Equipment
  • Selecting an Anchorage
  • Anchor Retrieval
  • How to Anchor
  • After Anchoring
  • Six Anchoring Techniques
  • Dragging Anchor

John Neal

John Neal’s 400,000 offshore miles include six Cape Horn roundings plus expeditions to Antarctica, Africa, Australia, and Spitsbergen. Since 1976, John’s passion has been sharing his ocean cruising knowledge through 204 sail training expeditions aboard Mahina Tiare III, a Hallberg-Rassy 46 and various other yachts. John is author, co-author or contributing author of 17 books including Log of the Mahina. When John’s not at sea leading sail-training expeditions he teaches Mahina Offshore Cruising Workshops and offers boat purchase consultation services. Details on