EP04 - Charlie & Lizz Ogletree

You’re Never Losing When You’re A Cruising Couple On A Catamaran

In this episode, Charlie and Lizz will share their experiences and the lessons learned having cruised two different catamarans on two continents over several years.

Charlie and Lizz Ogletree

Charlie and Lizz Ogletree are of course not your everyday couple. Charlie is a 4x Olympian with a silver medal in sailing. Lizz was a uber-successful businesswoman. But at a relatively young age – they acted on their dream. They bought a 40 foot catamaran, rented their house and headed off to those idyllic places where the sun keeps shining in the pouring rain.

What Do You Want to Learn From Charlie & Lizz?

  • Is Two Hulls really better than one?
  • How do you prepare yourself and your boat for a long distance cruise?
  • What’s the hardest thing for wanna-be cruiser to do?
  • How do you fix things when you are in the middle of nowhere?
  • What is this underground cruiser’s net all about?
  • Where are the best places Charlie and Lizz have visited on the cruise?
  • What about friends? Kids? And much more.

What's Included

  • 30 days unlimited access to this webinar
  • A 60-minute video presentation by Peter Isler feature special guests Charlie and Lizz Ogletree
  • Downloadable PDF containing the Q&A from the live session.


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