The Art Of Sails


Learn the ins and outs of sails. How to select, care for, and use sails from the perspective of the industry-leading sailmakers at North Sails.

90 Minutes English Unlimited Access

That feeling, when you settle in on your heading, perfect your sail trim, and shut down the noisy engine, is unlike any other. That blissful sensation is only possible because of those white triangles in the air and their relationship with your boat, the wind, and the water. Learn how to master this phenomena and optimize your time under sail. In this online class, North Sails experts will walk you through some of the most important concepts and practices when it comes to sails.



One of sailing’s many intrigues is that there is always more to learn. This class will provide a dynamic range of content, applicable to novices looking to dive in head first, all the way to the seasoned cruiser. Join along as North Sails highlights a fresh perspective on the keynote concept behind the sport, hobby, and lifestyle that we love. This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about sails and the sport of sailing!


One will leave this online class with a new appreciation for their engine above the water. We will begin with a fundamental understanding of the physics behind sails and why sail shape matters. Then move to sail handling systems and some best practices to keep in mind. We will discuss the all important topic of sail maintenance. And finally, break down how to navigate the process of sail selection.


  • How a Sail Works
  • Sail Set Up - What Each Sail Is & When/How To Use It
  • Sail Handling Systems
  • Standard Sail Care & Annual Maintenance
  • Fabrics Used & The Manufacturing Process
  • How To Determine What Sails Are Right For You:
    » Cruisers - Offshore vs Coastal
    » Racers - What Inventory To Have For Your Next Regatta



Based out of Bridgeport, Connecticut Jack has been a part of the North Sails Team since 1988. His expertise is found in (but not limited to) the J/88, J/109, and J/111. He has a wide range of experience, having sailed in a variety of different classes. From racing to cruising, sail testing to helping his clients, Jack is experienced in both inshore and offshore sailing. A trusted sail expert, Jack will be contributing his wealth of knowledge and expertise in service sailmaking.


A highly experienced and accomplished professional in the sailing industry, having been around it for as long as she can remember, Aimee and her stepfather founded Pineapple Sails in the SF Bay in 1973. Aimee grew up learning the ropes in the independent loft that she grew and maintained for 50 years, leaving a strong legacy. With a diverse skill set, she's managed race teams for prestigious events like the America's Cup and has experience in various roles including sail loft management, sailmaking, crew gear, and racing team uniforms. Aimee has been a Musto dealer for decades and, as an avid racer, has earned numerous national titles - including the World Title in the 2002 Women's Match Racing Worlds; a testament to her skill and dedication to her craft.


Max's journey from sailing enthusiast to sailmaking professional is rooted in his upbringing on Eastern Long Island, where he taught junior sailing in the summers and spent plenty of time aboard Optis, Lasers, 420s, and racing keelboats. After college, and three years spent in Annapolis as a sailmaker, Max has now settled into Fort Lauderdale as a Salesman - working with many monohull and multihull clients in Florida to help optimize their cruising experience with North's wide range of top-notch cruising sails. In his spare time, Max is an active racer, boasting achievements like a Second in Class finish in the 2022 Newport to Bermuda Race, multiple victories at Helly Hansen Sailing World Regattas, and clinching the 2023 Viper 640 North American Championship.