Intro To Short-Handed Sailing Online Course

Learn short-handed sailing strategies to safely navigate your next voyage

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If you are sailing with a smaller crew than usual, typically with just one or two sailors, this class is for you. Short-handed sailing requires a different set of skills and tactics compared to sailing with a full crew. Whether you’re short-handed sailing to challenge your abilities or simply lack available crew members, the procedures taught in this class will set you up for success.

One of the main challenges of short-handed sailing is the need for each sailor to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. This requires a high level of skill and experience in various aspects of sailing, including navigation, sail handling, and boat maintenance. It also requires a high level of physical and mental endurance, as the sailors may have to work for extended periods without rest.

In this class, John Neal will teach tactics learned from over 400,000 miles sailed that help to compensate for the lack of crew members. Despite the challenges, short-handed sailing can be a rewarding experience for sailors who are up for the challenge. It requires a different mindset and skill set than sailing with a full crew, but it can be an excellent way to improve sailing skills and gain a deeper appreciation for the sea and the sailing experience.

This class will cover a wide variety of topics to prepare you for the challenges that short-handed sailing poses..

List of Topics:

  • Onboard Safety Ethic
  • Short-Handed Gear
  • Communications
  • Watches
  • Seasickness
  • Weather
  • Navigation
  • Sail Changes
  • Heavy Weather
  • Galley Essentials
  • Docking & Anchoring

John Neal

John Neal’s 400,000 offshore miles include six Cape Horn roundings plus expeditions to Antarctica, Africa, Australia, and Spitsbergen. Since 1976, John’s passion has been sharing his ocean cruising knowledge through 204 sail training expeditions aboard Mahina Tiare III, a Hallberg-Rassy 46 and various other yachts. John is author, co-author or contributing author of 17 books including Log of the Mahina. When John’s not at sea leading sail-training expeditions he teaches Mahina Offshore Cruising Workshops and offers boat purchase consultation services. Details on