Asymmetric Spinnaker Trim

Learn how to control and optimize asymmetric spinnaker shape to improve your downwind performance

Sailing downwind is easy, optimizing downwind performance is tricky. This course shows how the coordinated efforts of the full team provide subtle but critical improvements in downwind performance. You’ll learn how to control and optimize spinnaker shape with refinements that take you beyond the basics. You’ll also learn how to coordinate trim, helm, and crew weight to sail faster, deeper, and with more control

Topics covered in this course:

  • Initial Asymmetric Trim
  • Reaching Trim
  • Running/ VMG Trim
  • Light Air & Heavy Air Technique
  • Tackline Trim
  • Helming

Here's what's included:

  • 2 hours of videos with North U's Bill Gladstone
  • 30 days unlimited access to this episode


  • Regular price for the asymmetric spinnaker trim course is $40
  • Best Deal! Purchase the North U Sail Trim Bundle, which includes unlimited access to this course + two additional courses, for only $145.

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Note: This course is based on a LIVE webinar hosted by NorthU in May, 2020

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