Cruising Easy

Sail Handling Tips from an Expert

This course is designed for a sailor like you. It aims to help you grow as a sailor by providing some valuable tips that you will be able to use the next time you go sailing making your time on the water safer and more enjoyable.

World renowned sailor and safety at sea educator: Peter Isler takes a personal look at the subject of safety at sea. Isler shares some harrowing sea stories and lessons he learned from those experiences. He also covers some important safety related topics - some of which you would find in a formal safety at sea course and some of which he has gleaned from a lifetime of "messing around in boats".

Course Description

This course is suitable for all levels of sailors who want to learn some helpful tips and techniques to make it easier to sail and operate a cruising keelboat. This course covers the following topics

  • Using the Wind
    Peter shares tips to use the wind to make sail handling infinitely easier.
  • Steering Better
    Tips and techniques to improve your steering including the use of multiple visual aids.
  • Winches and Line Handling
    Detailed video instruction of safe winch use and proper line handling including how to prepare sheets and halyards for action.

What's Included

  • 30 days unlimited access to this webinar
  • A 60-minute video presentation by Peter Isler


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  • ASA Member Price - $10

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Your Instructor

Peter Isler
Peter Isler

Peter Isler is 2x America’s Cup winner, former ESPN commentator and a best selling author. He is a co-founder of the ASA and is the chairman of ASA's Educational Committee. A lifelong teacher, Peter loves sharing his broad knowledge about the sport. His world class sailing experiences around the world have made him an expert on many topics.

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