An online class to teach essential boat maintenance and preparation skills for seamless offshore cruising. Learn how to keep the water out, people in and your sails full!

90 Min Session English Unlimited Access

Maintaining and refitting a sailboat takes time, a realistic budget, and the practical skills to identify and address weaknesses in your boat’s systems. But where should you start? In this online class, hosted by Gio and Julie Cappelli, we will discover key maintenance items and refitting tips and techniques to help prevent issues at sea while minimizing cost and maximizing the seaworthiness of your vessel.

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This class is designed for anyone interested in the essentials of maintaining and refitting a sailboat. From experienced individuals already living aboard their boats, eager to learn professional maintenance techniques, to those dreaming of the liveaboard lifestyle or becoming an offshore cruiser wanting to adopt a proactive approach in upkeep or learn tips and techniques for a possible future refit.


In this class, we will learn how to effectively prioritize maintenance tasks and which refit projects to focus on based on your cruising plans. Discover how to evaluate your boat's systems, fundamental maintenance items, recommended service intervals, and best practices for storing your boat in winter or off-season. Gio and Julie will hone in on their professional marine maintenance training and experience to share tips on how to reduce maintenance costs as well as cover best practices to keep you cruising safely and comfortably. Finally, learn some of the most coveted hands-on repair skills for self-sufficiency as a cruiser and how/where to acquire these.


  • How To Properly Prepare Your Boat for Extended Cruising
  • Maintenance Logistics and Costs
  • Preventative, Scheduled, and “Discovery” Maintenance Essentials
  • Priority Projects For Offshore Cruising
  • DIY Skills To Become A More Self-Reliant Cruiser
  • What Projects to Leave For The Pros
  • Pre-Departure Boat Checks For At Sea and In Port
  • How To Make Your Boat Waterproof
  • Recommended System Upgrades
  • Best Practices For Offshore or Off-Grid Adventures


GIO & JULIE CAPPELLI | Pelagic Blue Cruising Services, Owners

Gio & Julie Cappelli are both graduates of Skagit Valley College’s Marine Maintenance Technology Program and are USCG licensed Masters. They have sailed more than 20,000 miles through the Pacific aboard their Malӧ 39 and are both owners of Pelagic Blue Cruising Services, where they help cruisers prepare themselves and their boats for offshore cruising. In addition to running Pelagic Blue, they teach offshore cruising workshops with John Neal of Mahina Offshore Services. When they’re not at sea you can find them planning their next big offshore cruise and helping their clients get ready to set sail for distant shores.

Gio is an ABYC certified Marine Diesel Engines and Marine Systems Technician. He’s been working on cars, boats, and houses for decades and previously worked as a fish biologist and motorboat operator instructor for the Department of Interior. He loves a good mechanical or electrical challenge and is a champion spearfisherman. His life goal is to spearfish in every ocean on the planet. Brrr! Julie used to be terrified of electricity but is now ABYC certified in Marine Electrical and a NMEA certified Electronics and NMEA2000 Installer. She’s been trying to grow a set of gills her entire life, and has worked as a marine biologist, scuba instructor, and expedition leader. She loves a good electrical or cruising logistics challenge and is an absolute genius when it comes to tracking down the gremlins hiding in your boat’s networks. Her life goal is to meet every species of whale in every ocean on the planet. There are about 94 currently recognized species and so far, she's got 16!