Expedition Weather & Routing Online Course

In this 3 hour program Peter Isler delves into two of Expedition’s most valuable and powerful tools: Expedition’s Weather and Route Optimization features.

4-6 Hours English Unlimited Access

Expedition Weather

The Weather portion shows how to download and display weather forecast GRIBs. Peter enumerates the various sources of Wind/ Weather GRIB files (and also current and tide info) and the details of how to download the files and display them in Expedition. He also provides criteria to help you evaluate the likely accuracy of the files and shows how to compare information from the various sources.

Route Optimization

We’ve got the forecast. Now what? Once you have a forecast, a polar file, a start time and a course, Expedition can calculate your the optimum route. Peter takes you through the details of that process and highlights common errors. In addition, you’ll learn how to differentiate between routes with narrow optimum choices and those that offer wider course options. He also shows how to compare routes built from different GRIBs, how to evaluate their likely accuracy, and how to update mid-race.

Gotta Have It

This module is absolutely essential for offshore racers and passage-making cruisers. For distance racing and passage cruising effective Weather Routing is what it is all about. (For passage-making Peter details how Expedition allows you to route across a span of departure times and then optimize for the best departure time. Way cool.) For Buoy Racers the weather info and GRIB display features provide critical reinforcement to real-time observations and allow for more confident strategic planning.

Peter Isler

As with all the North U Expedition Webinars, Peter Isler is a key ingredient. An outstanding racer, and world class navigator, Peter is also a gifted instructor. Don’t go to sea without these skills.


Peter Isler is 2x America’s Cup winner, former ESPN commentator and a best selling author. He is a co-founder of the ASA and is the chairman of ASA's Educational Committee. A lifelong teacher, Peter loves sharing his broad knowledge about the sport. His world class sailing experiences around the world have made him an expert on many topics.