Dinghies & Outboards - Cruising Essentials

An online class presented by Lisa & Andy Batchelor, authors of “GOING ASHORE MADE EASY, The Essential Dinghy & Outboard Manual”.

90 Minute English Unlimited Access

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A dinghy and outboard combination is essential cruising gear – the dinghy is used for transportation, recreation, safety and so much more. This online class will help to navigate the choices of dinghies and outboard motors to find the best option. We’ll provide tips for safe operation and creative employment for the dinghy. You’ll learn about dinghy security, and transit and storage on sailboats and powerboats. Finally, we’ll cover troubleshooting and care & maintenance essentials.

This class will benefit adults and teens who want to be Dinghy Captains, whether on their own dinghy or a chartered boat. It’s a perfect jump start on the new ASA 116 Dinghy & Outboard endorsement.




  • Downloadable PDF
  • Note-taking Outline
  • Access to Dinghies & Outboards video playlist

List of Topics:

  • Dinghy types: hard shell, folding, soft inflatable, rigid inflatable
  • Outboard Motors: gasoline, propane, electric
  • Equipping – USCG and more
  • Motor connection and start
  • Embarking/Disembarking Safety
  • Underway: Forward, Reverse, Planing
  • Approaching a boat or dock
  • Beach landing and departure
  • Traditional Transportation
  • Utility & recreation
  • Towing
  • Hoisting to Foredeck
  • Davits & Cranes
  • Security & Loss Prevention
  • Inflatables & hulls
  • Outboards: components and servicing
  • Tools & Spares
  • Troubleshooting


Knowing how to operate and maintain a dinghy and outboard is an essential part of seamanship. Dinghies help us get ashore, transport provisions, and travel between vessels. Going Ashore Made Easy: The Essential Dinghy And Outboard Manual is a must-have for every sailor and powerboater.

Not only are dinghies effective, but they can be a lot of fun. These small crafts can often reach areas where larger boats are unable. Crowded marinas, scenic island getaways, and ocean-side restaurants are all examples where dinghies can help you get access that would be difficult or impossible in a bigger vessel. Please note, the textbook is not included in the online course, but it is recommended - order your Going Ashore Made Easy Textbook online today.


Captains Andy Batchelor and Lisa Batchelor Frailey are both life-long sailors and retired military officers. Andy served in the Royal Air Force in aviation and intelligence, and Lisa served in the US Navy in aviation, meteorology and oceanography – a combination of skills which have proved very useful to sailing and passagemaking.

They founded and operated Sail Solomons ASA school and charter base, receiving numerous awards for ASA Outstanding School and Outstanding Instructors. Andy and Lisa wrote ASA’s textbooks for Bareboat Cruising and Catamaran Cruising, and are the primary contributors to ASA’s Advanced Cruising and Seamanship text. Their most recent book is “Going Ashore Made Easy, The Essential Dinghy & Outboard Manual.”

Cruising for seven years onboard their Passport 47 ZINGARO and Outbound 46 KINETIC, Andy and Lisa have made numerous coastal passages and ocean voyages, conducting cruising and passagemaking training while living aboard in exotic locations. They also organize and lead sailing flotillas on cruising catamarans and monohulls in the Caribbean. Andy and Lisa are regular speakers at Cruisers’ University, and present live webinars including the ASA Marine Weather Course.

Andy and Lisa launched Kinetic Sailing to offer marine consulting, charter brokerage, instructional yacht deliveries and tailored instruction with a global scope. They are USCG Captains, cruisers, instructors, analysts and business owners with a wealth of experience in the sailing industry.