An online class presented by HILB Group to help explain the fundamentals of boat insurance.

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This online course will help explain the fundamental protection offered by most boat insurance products as well as the factors that ought to be taken into consideration when choosing a policy. We will discuss the various factors insurance company underwriters take into account when deciding to approve a risk and how much to charge a boat owner. We expect that this course will help you make a more knowledgeable choice when purchasing insurance for your watercraft.


● Why Buy? – Be a Value Buyer
The Application Process – Do's and Don'ts
Types of Coverage - Beware of “Gotchas”
Choosing the Right Isurance Company
Current Market Outlook – Difficulties facing the industry.

Disclaimer: This online class is presented by Hilb Group and is intended to educate the audience about boat insurance. The presentation is not a sales pitch by Hilb Group, however, at times there may be mention of Hilb Group products & services.


Curtis McKeon

With over 10 years of Marine Insurance experience, Curtis McKeon is an independent agent with a primary focus on Commercial Marine and Yacht Insurance. With his knowledge of coverage and market conditions, Curtis structures custom insurance solutions for his clients tailored to their unique operations and risk. Curtis resides in Newport RI. You will commonly meet Curtis while attending various industry events and boat shows across the country connecting with his clients and industry partners.

The Hilb Group

Founded in 2009, Hilb Group is a Top 25 middle market independent insurance broker. Hilb Group offers expertise in property & casualty, ocean marine, employee benefits, and retirement services to business and individuals throughout the nation. The HILB Group is the Program Manager for the HarborGuard Insurance Program. HarborGuard is designed for Boating Schools, Charter Fleets and Boat Clubs. HarborGuard is the insurance solution for many of American Sailing Association Schools Nationwide