Instrument Tuning and Optimization Online Course

A Three Session Course led by North U Peter Isler

2-3 Hours English Unlimited Access


This module covers the theory behind instrument setup, and the how to’s of calibration and fine-tuning.

  • Fundamentals of sensor installation.
  • Instrument calibration philosophy.
  • Understanding limitations.
  • Sequence of calibrations for baseline.
  • Sessions available live & on-demand.
  • Calibrating your boat speed.
  • Wind calibration realities.
  • Peter’s system of wind calibration.
  • Dealing with current, wind shear, and variations in “wind weight”
  • Using StripChart for analysis and fine-tune.
  • Pitfalls and realities of instrument tuning.
  • Display configuration fundamentals.
  • Using AIS with Expedition.


Peter Isler is 2x America’s Cup winner, former ESPN commentator and a best selling author. He is a co-founder of the ASA and is the chairman of ASA's Educational Committee. A lifelong teacher, Peter loves sharing his broad knowledge about the sport. His world class sailing experiences around the world have made him an expert on many topics.