Expedition Buoy Racing and Starting Module Online Course

A 3-Hour Course led by North U Peter Isler

3 Hours English Unlimited Access


Better information leads to better decisions. In this 3-hour Webinar Peter Isler shows the power of Expedition’s Buoy Racing and Starting Modules.

You’ll learn how to use Expedition at the starting line and during inshore buoy racing, including:

  • Set up Expedition for optimal performance
  • Work with Start Polars and Start Calibration files
  • Ping the ends of a start line and set up a starting line
  • Use Expedition’s Starting module to get a great start
  • Set up a course (windward leeward and random leg)
  • “Move” marks when there is a course change during a race
  • Use Expedition to help your racing performance, sail selection and short course navigation including laylines.
  • Using Expedition while hiking out
  • Analyzing your data using Strip Charts and Test Save application to identify areas for performance improvement
  • Improve instrument tuning
  • Analyze and adjust your targets and polar
  • Understand Expeditions capabilities and limitations


Peter Isler is 2x America’s Cup winner, former ESPN commentator and a best selling author. He is a co-founder of the ASA and is the chairman of ASA's Educational Committee. A lifelong teacher, Peter loves sharing his broad knowledge about the sport. His world class sailing experiences around the world have made him an expert on many topics.